End of School Year - Gift ideas for Teachers

Another school year is almost done. I can hardly believe it. Every year, I say the same thing - bittersweet that it's a wrap, meaning the kids are getting older. Don't you wish you can just wrap them up and freeze time sometimes?

Having said that, we have been very fortunate to have incredible supportive teachers in our school. 

I've often seen people asking for ideas for end of school year gifts. 

During the pandemic, I became friends with some of my boys' teachers and learnt so much about how our education system works, and how little budget teachers are given. The classroom you see, if it's fully equipped, it is actually coming out of teachers own pocket. For this, I thank them for their amazing dedication to provide all the tools and necessity for our children.

So today, I'm going to suggest a few things for end of school year to give to the teachers as an appreciation to what they have done for us. 

  • Gift cards to stores like Dollarama, Michaels, or DollarTree so they can buy supplies for the classroom
  • TPT Gift cards for class resources
  • Coffee gift cards - I don't know about you, but I feel like I will need to fuel up before teaching a class everyday. Kudos for them for dealing with so many kids everyday! :)
  • Consider gifting mindfulness tools like ours affirmation card and mindfulness matching cards, or even our book so that they can create a calming space or add to their library in their classroom




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