About Us

The story behind the affirmation cards that started it all...

Inspired by kids. My greatest hope as a mother is that my kids grow up to be good, happy and positive people

I'm a mom of 2 boys. My oldest son had struggled with a bit of a low self esteem issue when he was little. He would often say, things like I can't do it and I'm not good enough. A lot of self pity and self loathing. BUT I thought, he was still a baby, and it is just part of learning. At the beginning of Grade 1, he started segregating himself from other kids at recess, and after a lot of probing, he opened up. I will never forget those words. He told me: "Mama, I'm not like other kids, I don't run like other kids. I don't jump like other kids." My heart broke. As a mom, I felt I failed him.

I thought to myself, if I do not tackle these issues now, what would it be when it comes to teenage years?

I knew exactly what I wanted to say in each card. I knew exactly what illustrations need to be on the cards. They are everything my kids like. These cards are for them. These cards are for facilitating conversations between us.

These cards are to inspire and encourage them to embrace a positive mindset.

My goal was to give them the tools, guide them and create a nurturing environment for them to thrive in.

It has since grown from this to affirmation prints, kids card game and books I authored! A book that I co-authored honoring our journey as mothers and a children’s book about unity and love.

 My whole heart is to help others, inspire others, spread joy and positivity. It truly brings me joy, and I hope it does the same for you!!