Tips to Practice Affirmations with Kids

To practice positive affirmations with kids, first, we need to keep them engaged. 

Here are some tips how to make it part of your routine with them.  The more fun you make it, the more your child will want to repeat it. Repetition and routine is the key in training those little big minds of theirs.

  • Start the day with letting them pull an affirmation card from the deck. This can be done before breakfast. This is a great way to set the tone of the day.
  • If they are younger kids, help them read it out loud.
  • Discuss with them. Lead by example by showing them what the card means to you - what does the affirmations mean for you? Give them examples that they can relate to, and ask them to give you their examples after. 
  • Repeat it with them, believe it, and reflect on it!
  • Switch up the routine. Perhaps make it after school, or before bedtime. Or make it an art routine where they can pick a card, and draw what they feel they can relate to the affirmations on the card. It's a great way to use the affirmations for little ones who can't write yet. 

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